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How to cook a BBQ chook – Viet style

There are a thousand ways to cook a bbq chicken… but possibly not so free range and fresh as this!

Step 1 kill and pluck

First, catch the chickens, kill and pluck…

Step 2 prepare the cooking implements

Next, prepare the cooking implements and get the stuffing ready

Step 3 stuff the chook

Next, skillfully thread chicken onto bamboo bbq stick, and stuff with fresh, yummy green things from the garden

Step 4 make ready to bbq

Then, make sure everything is ready for the bbq

Step 5 roast over hot coals

Commence the bbq-ing!

Step 6 make it social

Blokes and bbq’s… the same the world over?

Step 7 ensure even cooking

It takes some skill to get an even, crispy skin…

Step 8 cant take the heat

Clearly, not every one can handle the heat!

Step 9 show off handiwork

Finally! Show off with your bbq chooks!

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