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Less words, more pictures

I know I’ve been boring with my superlatives, I say everywhere is beautiful.  Here are some images from the last few days – Croatian islands of Mljet and Korcula – just to prove I’m not lying.  And to explain why superlatives are just a bit, well, unworthy…

Main street, Polace… peaceful and perfect

Sometimes, I just don’t know where to cast my eyes…

Every “sobe” and “apartmen” in Polace is blessed with a similar view

Hard to tell, but the tree behind is bursting with figs… but winter is never too far away….

I found a new friend who was a little shy at first…

But then we made friends and he wouldn’t go away

Clever artistic endeavour, using materials to hand

Mysterious, shady forest pathways leading to…

Incredibly beautiful lakes, surrounded by whispering Casuarina type pine trees

Not even mentioning the millpond perfect sunset views

Or the old, old places to explore, filled with shades of light and geometric shapes

And other alleyways filled with flowers, leading to the blue blue Adriatic Sea

And other places with more familiar looking flowers

And finally, my constant amazement and wonder at the old combined with the new


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